BEACON can potentially reduce time on ventilation with up to 25%

It means that:

  • You can free up ventilator capacity with up to 25%

  • You can treat 25% more patients with your current installed base of ICU ventilators

  • If you currently have estimated that you need additionally 100 ICU ventilators to treat the COVID-19 emergency patients - then you can limit your investment to only 75 new Ventilators - and still treat the same amount of Covid-19 patients

BEACON can empower nurses and/or new trained Respiratory Therapists to manage the ICU ventilator

It means that:

  • When ICU doctors or Respiratory Therapists are scarce resources, then you can still manage your patients with high quality 

  • Expert doctors/RTs can remotely manage patients - via the BEACON remote e-ICU applications, read more 

.... And the best thing: No installation is required and after max 1 hour of virtual training, BEACON is ready for clinical use

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