e-ICU using BEACON

BEACON e-ICU solution provides remote monitoring of all BEACON systems used in an ICU or in multiple ICUs.

BEACON e-ICU solution offers features for nurses, doctors, RTs and administrators, from simple patient status monitoring to advanced statistical monitoring of patients 

The objective of the BEACON e-ICU solution is for the users to have a simple overview of all patients being ventilated and to plan for optimal workload and ventilation management.


Note: BEACON e-ICU solution is works-in-progress and is not released for sale


ICU Overview

The Desktop application shows an overview of the ventilation management status of all ICU patient being managed by BEACON, including:

  • Each patient ventilation OR nutrition management status is shown by the Hexagon - This will allow for easy workflow planning, as patients with different Hexagon coloring can be allocated to specific staff groups for management.

  • Interventions such as new advice, new blood gas request etc is shown for each patient when requested by BEACON - This will allow for workload optimization as patient intervention is requested only when BEACON prompts it.

ICU Statistics

The Desktop application shows statistics for patients being managed by BEACON, including:

  • Time on BEACON (time on ventilation for entire ICU) - to allow for performance and cost optimization monitoring

  • Time on BEACON (grouped in number of patients)

  • Comparison quarter by quarter on time on ventilation - to allow for performance monitoring

  • BEACON interventions and time to actual implementation - to allow for workflow and workload optimization monitoring

  • Time on different ventilation modes

  • etc