Advisory system for ICU Ventilation and Nutrition

BEACON is an ICU Ventilation and Nutrition assist system.


BEACON provides ventilator-dependent open-loop advice for optimizing and weaning-off ICU ventilated adult patients.

BEACON provides open-loop advice for optimizing Nutrition for ICU ventilated adult patients

BEACON uses inputs measured and data inputs from the ventilator and manual data entry by the clinician into a computer program that has been designed to assist clinical decisions for changes to the ventilator and nutrition settings for the individual patient undergoing mechanical ventilation.

The objective of the BEACON Caresystem is to present advice for ventilator and nutrition adjustment and the rationale behind the advice, in a clear and easy-to-use graphical format.


BEACON mounted on top of Ventilator


An example of BEACONs advisory screen

Optimize Ventilator Capacity

BEACON can potentially reduce the amount of time a patient needs ventilation by up to 25% maximizing resources and freeing up ventilator capacity by 25% 

Optimize Staff Capacity

BEACON can enable nurses and/or low skilled/new staff to optimize ventilation management in the ICU, when ICU doctors or Respiratory Therapists are scarce resources.

Works with any ventilator

BEACON works with any ICU ventilator installed - old or new

Out-Of-Box solution

BEACON is delivered as an “out-of-box solution”, meaning no installation is required.

1 hour virtual training is enough to train doctors/nurses in using the system, and then BEACON is ready to be used in clinical practice

Approved in EU and USA

BEACON is CE marked and FDA Cleared [K192584].

Mermaid Care is ISO13485:2016 certified

Both Ventilation and Nutrition Support

BEACON provides advice for both ICU Ventilation and Nutrition